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New City Site!!!
« on: January 24, 2013, 06:38:37 PM »
At Last!!! lol

I can now announce my re-designed City Site is online and ready for more additions...
Happy To Be Blue! an Unofficial MCFC Website...

The Name: I thought long and hard for a name, I settled on Happy to be Blue just 3 days ago! lol

Brand New Design: What do you Reckon?
do you like the fluid expansion or would you prefer a fixed width? what screen resolution do you use?

Main Index Page: The main area is the news feed from this forum, the sidebar will contain info from every section available as and when i add it...probably weekly or fornightly... lol
thoughts? I'm thinking it needs an image or a slider above the news feed? dunno?

the Squad: The current Team of Players. Other stuff to eventually appear here, Manager and Staff, and a list of the promising fringe Youth Players...

History Pages:
Loads of Data still needs to be researched and added to make these pages come to life... lol
Managers List - displays all managers we have had (i will also be adding a few more caretaker positions eventually!)
the Managers profile page - Found by clicking the players link from the list, will display all info I have on them! Monksie's manager articles are sitll there... would love for all managers to be complete.. lol the side bar will eventually display their match records, City achievements and other stats.  ;)
Seasons List - Displays all the seasons i have entered into the DB... This page will also be used as a general history at a glance section!
Seasons Stats - Displays the fixtures, reviews, achievements and goalscorers for the season... I think & Believe all the players who have made an appearance are up to date going back to the 2004/05 season...  the Fixtures and Results are upto date going back to 2002/03.... there are lots of other stats and stuff entered for the other seasons but they are not comprehensive! Researching and Inputing these bloody stats, have prob taken as long as it has to build the site! lol these include 500+ fixtures and 500 players apps for the seasons!
SPOY - a list of all the winners of the Supporters Player of Year awards... now links to the players profile pages... and to the seasons stats pages...

Something new to my City site is the opposition pages. It will display all teams city have played and our match records against them, as well as other information on the Club. Its still in its early days... I am interested in other features and additions you would like to see from this pages..

Player Database and Search:
On virtually every page, on the right hand side should be a Player Search box. Any Players i enter into the DB will be accessed here if not directly linked from another page.
You can either write a Surname, Forename or Type a few letters, and it will send you to a page with the results of your Search. The search does not allow for spaces, so typing a full name will not work... I do plan on expanding the search criteria at some point. but its good enough for now, as there is not many players who have bios... There are currently over 300 players in the database... Profiles are desperately Needed! wink wink, nudge nudge. lol

Still To Do...
I still have to make my admin controls for all the info in my databases, its a bit laborious at the mo... this is now my main priority.
Forum Template; I need to create a template for the forum so that it looks like the city site to avoid confusion when someone clicks forums. lol
I will hopefully be adding stats and records generally on a daily basis  ;)
City Info Pages...
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