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Axemans Links!

Manchester City
Manchester City Football Club Links
Official MCFC
The official Manchester City Web-site.
Bolton Blues
the Bolton Branch of the Manchester City Official Supporters Club
Probably the busiest City forum on the net.
A decent City Forum.
Abu Dhabi Blues
The Abu Dhabi Blues Supporters Branch.
MCFC Official Supporters Club
The Official Supporters Club of MCFC
Baguley & Brooklands Supporters Club
The Baguley & Brooklands Supporters Branch.
View from a Blue
A decent Blog spot with good articles.
Cheadle Blues
Cheadle Supporters club.
Citizens of Sweden
The Swedish Supporters Branch
MCFC Ladies
The official MCFC Ladies Site.
MCFC Stats
not been updated for ages, still has lots of Stats on citys history though.
Manchester City Brasil
A Manchester City site from Brasil
Reddish Blues
the Reddish Supporters Branch
a Danish MCFC Site
Dutch MCFC
An MCFC website from the Netherlands
Bitter and Blue
A good City Blog
Blue Watch
A good busy City Forum.
Didsbury Blues
The Disbury Supporters Branch
King of The Kippax
Our long running MCFC Fanzines Website
David Silvas Left Foot
A good blog from City fan Mike Walsh.
North Bury Blues
Official Supporters Branch for North Bury.
The Scandinavian supporters branch
A french Manchester City Fan-Site.
MCFC-NY Headquarters
Fans of Manchester City in New York
Blue Moon Thailand
A Thai Manchester City Fan Site.
Blue Moon over Manchester
A City Blog
Blues Reviews
Match Reports of Citys games.
Bredbury Blues
The Bredbury supporters branch
MCFC Chinese Network
A chinese Manchester City Fan Site
A Manchester City Blog spot about our history.
Czech-Slovak MCFC
A Czech-Slovak MCFC website
Down the Kippax Steps
A decent City Blog
Hellenic Citizens
A Greek Fan club
A Korean Fansite.
Mad City Fan
A Man City Blog