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Manchester City / City 1 v 0 PSG
« Last post by stevenryals on April 14, 2016, 02:16:37 PM »
so.. are we going to talk about this or no?   lol
Manchester City / Re: PSG 2 vs 2 Man City
« Last post by stevenryals on April 14, 2016, 02:16:18 PM »
Like I said.  There is no better alternative at the moment. 
Pep will have his work cut out for him in the transfer market this summer, thats for sure
The Community Mafia Mystery Game / Re: New Mafia Game... Sign Up!
« Last post by stevenryals on April 14, 2016, 02:14:44 PM »
XBOX One / Re: Neverwinter: Oathbound Paladin
« Last post by MASTERZULU on April 14, 2016, 12:58:38 AM »
I've actually spent about 80% of my time in NW as a Guardian Fighter as that was my main and only character for a long time.

That's MMOs for you. Imagine how I felt as a GF when the OPs arrived, much better all round at absorbing team damage and can out put a hundred times more, I have a good laugh every time I hear OPs cry they don't output any damage, you try playing as a GF, in fact most even half geared OPs will output more damage than most other damaged based classes whilst tanking all the damage. I'm not big into D&D but I'm pretty sure that's not what a paladins role is.
XBOX One / Re: Neverwinter... Great Weapon Fighter...
« Last post by MASTERZULU on April 14, 2016, 12:54:10 AM »
If you go back not far to mod 5, the GWF was a bag of crap so got a boost.
I agree the DPS output of the GWF is rediculuous hence the Elol set nerf that's also coming, my 2.8k can out DPS any other class with ease apart from a well geared SW which has OMGWTFBBQ damage, the space in between a good geared SW and a maxed geared SW is crazy, this is probably the most broken class at the minute that needs fixing before anything else (that have been running tests builds on Owlbear for months now)

That's MMOs for you. The fact is the NW Dev team is small, wasn't so long ago they suffered huge layoffs and there have been many quotes from former devs saying that the management only care about new content to keep numbers up rather than fixing stuff.

Every class is fucked in some way, everything needs a total rework.

The GWF seems even more OP now because the game balance hasn't been kept up with the power creep, everything is too easy as it's just not been balanced with the content updates and new gear/stats.

GFs are useless aside from team buffs as everyone plays bubble/haste style and has nearly zero DPS from at wills.

SW as I said before goes from mediocre to WTF off the scales.

DCs half their shit just don't work full stop

TRs which were the DPS class in mod 5 just sit somewhere in the middle now aside from PVP where they are king but PVP is a whole issue by itself.

HRs are just meh

CW are too squishy and can't play their role as crowd control as the crowd control mechanics are just nearly none existent.

OPs made the game too easy and were broken from day 1, should never have been introduced in their current guise.

GWF deal too much dps at top end, a 4.2k GWF will eat anything..... Anything....

As for pvp, unless you have a healthy credit card limit you can't even hope to compete, Underdark rings made a bad situation worse.

The whole game is fucked I could go on for hours. But you know what I still love every minute of it.

MMOs are a moving target and you can't get butt hurt every time something effects your personal choice as it's going to be someone else next time.

Oh and I have the Merc on all my characters with bonding runestones he's a fucking beast (that's another thing broken, bonding stones that is) lol
Manchester City / Re: PSG 2 vs 2 Man City
« Last post by Robbie Anelka on April 11, 2016, 08:44:23 PM »
Navas puts in a shift, runs about but is ineffective as an attacking player. A forward who has not scored a premier league goal for 72 games. His crosses are dire at best. Roberts who is on loan at celtic would be better
Manchester City / Re: PSG 2 vs 2 Man City
« Last post by stevenryals on April 11, 2016, 05:54:20 PM »
Hearing these same arguments everywhere..  how useless is Bony and why does pellers insist on playing him over ichy..  ??

I don't mind navas that much, but only becuase there isn't a clearly better option available.  I wouldn't say nasri or sterling add more than him at the moment..  but only because sterling is struggling for form & nasri is just back from the hair salon.. took him 6 months to get his hair done that way.. pmsl    navas at least puts in a shift..  All he needs to do is learn how to pass, shoot, and cross, and he'd be a great player lol 
Manchester City / Re: PSG 2 vs 2 Man City
« Last post by Robbie Anelka on April 10, 2016, 09:33:22 AM »
totally agree about bony and navas, but what about mdm? why was deneyer loaned out for the year? Toure should now be a last 20 minute man, has not got the legs for a full game. yesterday bony starts, aguero subbed and clichy comes on, why has nacho got to do to get a game?
Manchester City / PSG 2 vs 2 Man City
« Last post by Happy Axeman on April 09, 2016, 03:25:10 AM »
We look a miles better team with DeBruyne in the side, last two matches with him playing (and no yaya!) we have looked completely different from the inept performances of late...

I thought against Bournemouth they let us play, rather than us not letting them play there game.. but i guess I was wrong with the way we played against PSG.

But still pellers tries our patience, why add bony? he wont be here next year, give Kelechi the nod instead, not just cause he is a youngster, he has done far more this season to warrant his position in the team than bony has simple as that.
and i still dont understand what navas has over pellers either... cause apart from width and a bit of tracking back, he others nothing else.
Fernando? I honestly can't see him being here next year either, Although he did well and played a part in the draw, wtf was he doing? lol
Silva has started grafting again, maybe he is now fully recovered from his ankle injury?... management...  :-X
Was glad to see Delph and Nasri are back, hopefully we can now go on a decent run to cement a champs league position.

West Brom tomoz... 5:30 kick off... i hate late sat games.  >:(  lol
XBOX One / Re: Neverwinter: Oathbound Paladin
« Last post by Happy Axeman on April 09, 2016, 03:01:05 AM »
yep its great for a free game. Ive not bought an xbox game since launch, and i'll soon be canceling my boomerang rental contract, cause i really do not play anything else, apart from the freebies we get on live. lol

I think your problem Z is that you started with the GWF, so anything else you play from now on will seem weak and useless in comparison. lol
I started with the wizard, and thought it was that hard for all chars! how wrong i was. the Pally brought a new lease of life to the game for me, and when i read they are gonna nerf it i lost interest again, what is the point in building this char up anymore if they gonna destroy it? so then I went GWF a few days ago, and this is currently easier than the pally was! :)
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