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Title: Neverwinter... Great Weapon Fighter...
Post by: Happy Axeman on April 09, 2016, 02:51:27 AM
lol so a week after the 2xAd event, i was able to get the dragonborn pack despite the AD exchange going stupid... so this gave me an extra char slot...

after hearing the pally is gonna get nerfed to fuck as he is somewhat overpowered despite having no dps... i decided to make a dragonborn GWF called Brick :) lol

it would appear that i've timed it with the 2x XP event, so in just a day and half, am now level41 already! although i really needed the x2 event next week when i hit the dreaded elemental evil grind...
But this is what i dont understand... The GWF is far more overpowered than any other char ive played!

Control Wiz(which ive now changed to a Dragonborn called PuffTheMagicDragon) is impossible to solo anything without a million injury kits and potions and the will to keep trying again,  Scourge warlock is a glass cannon but at least gets health from the soul sparks, the Rogue is great for PVP but gets one hit killed in pve bosses, but i'm currently chalking through the levels even faster than the pally! SO WHY HAS THIS NOT BEEN NERFED!?! is it because the people complaining about shit are all GWF's?
Ive played the Hunter Ranger till level 25, and was decent but deleted to make my pally instead, I have no interest in making a Cleric cause i can imagine it being harder than the wizard to solo anything. lol the only other char i havent played is the GaurdianFighter... but I have a pally, i dont want another useless tank! fingers crossed they introduce a Monk this year, a bard or Druid and am not interested, despite my love of music and animals lol

the Dragborn pack is well worth it just for the Hoard bag you get for each char.. I now have five chars, thats an extra 150 slots for saving shit. :)

so without paying a single penny, i have the Heirloom pack(merc Companion and other shit for each char), Champion of the north pack(epic mount and epic Panther for each char), and dragborn(30 slot bag, a decent Artifact and cool outfits for each Char)... next in sight is probably the scourge warlock pack, just for the companion. :)

Title: Re: Neverwinter... Great Weapon Fighter...
Post by: MASTERZULU on April 14, 2016, 12:54:10 AM
If you go back not far to mod 5, the GWF was a bag of crap so got a boost.
I agree the DPS output of the GWF is rediculuous hence the Elol set nerf that's also coming, my 2.8k can out DPS any other class with ease apart from a well geared SW which has OMGWTFBBQ damage, the space in between a good geared SW and a maxed geared SW is crazy, this is probably the most broken class at the minute that needs fixing before anything else (that have been running tests builds on Owlbear for months now)

That's MMOs for you. The fact is the NW Dev team is small, wasn't so long ago they suffered huge layoffs and there have been many quotes from former devs saying that the management only care about new content to keep numbers up rather than fixing stuff.

Every class is fucked in some way, everything needs a total rework.

The GWF seems even more OP now because the game balance hasn't been kept up with the power creep, everything is too easy as it's just not been balanced with the content updates and new gear/stats.

GFs are useless aside from team buffs as everyone plays bubble/haste style and has nearly zero DPS from at wills.

SW as I said before goes from mediocre to WTF off the scales.

DCs half their shit just don't work full stop

TRs which were the DPS class in mod 5 just sit somewhere in the middle now aside from PVP where they are king but PVP is a whole issue by itself.

HRs are just meh

CW are too squishy and can't play their role as crowd control as the crowd control mechanics are just nearly none existent.

OPs made the game too easy and were broken from day 1, should never have been introduced in their current guise.

GWF deal too much dps at top end, a 4.2k GWF will eat anything..... Anything....

As for pvp, unless you have a healthy credit card limit you can't even hope to compete, Underdark rings made a bad situation worse.

The whole game is fucked I could go on for hours. But you know what I still love every minute of it.

MMOs are a moving target and you can't get butt hurt every time something effects your personal choice as it's going to be someone else next time.

Oh and I have the Merc on all my characters with bonding runestones he's a fucking beast (that's another thing broken, bonding stones that is) lol
Title: Re: Neverwinter... Great Weapon Fighter...
Post by: MASTERZULU on April 14, 2016, 09:43:53 PM
Just been doing some more reading on the Lostmauth Set nerf.

Looks like a 30-40% reduction in overall damage out put, which will put it firmly behind the SW and more in the realm of well geared HRs.

So from what I can make of your class choices so far, which ever class Axeman picks go the opposite as he's a walking nerf magnet :P
Title: Re: Neverwinter... Great Weapon Fighter...
Post by: Happy Axeman on April 16, 2016, 03:09:28 AM
haha sounds about right.
yeah, I realised they gonna nerf the GWF as i hit level 70! haha so i have a lvl70 wizard, that was good once, but is now fecking useless, a pally that will die if you throw up the bubble... although am not arsed about that, i dont use the bubble when i solo, its the fact i will probably get kicked in dungeons cause the pally will effectively be an unwanted player now, cause they will be pointless!
at least the Gaurdian Fighter has good team buffs and can create threat easier... which is the whole point of a tank... lol
I have a lvl64 warlock which i never really got into, a lvl68 rogue which is shite in the pve environment...
and now a GWF who in just 7 days is lvl70 and has a gear score of 2200...I only need the horn of blasting for the set(i got the others from drops using my pally that i saved), but is it really worth paying 500K AD for it with the upcoming nerf? lol

 its only the DC and GF i havent played... Neverwinter needs a new class ASAP, and not a Druid or Bard(fecking hate bards!), which you can gaurentee will be next. :( we need a monk, i loved the monks in Baldurs gate shadows of Amn, The original  neverwinter and Icewind dale by blackisle... I still have them all somewhere, i might have to blow the dust off play them again. lol
Title: Re: Neverwinter... Great Weapon Fighter...
Post by: MASTERZULU on April 16, 2016, 03:43:59 AM
I would also like a new class. But only once some tiny amount of balance is achieved with the ones we already have.
I've never been in to D&D and really can't stand orcs, wizards and all that shit, so the fact I enjoy this game so much is mind boggling lol
Title: Re: Neverwinter... Great Weapon Fighter...
Post by: Happy Axeman on April 16, 2016, 11:11:20 AM
lol thats mad! the original baldurs gate is brill though.
 I've always been into D&D mainly cause i used to collect and paint the lead figures from Games Workshop, never played the board games though lol
I am dissapointed with the wizard in neverwinter, his powers are crap... you would of also of thought a wizard would of had a healing spell of some sort.
they should of done the wizard so that when you turn paragon, you can choose which type of wizard you want from the paths, ie sorcerer, illusionist, evocationist. but as it is, its well crap and is now just a bank for my shit which gets 20kAD a week from praying lol