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Title: I take it all back... pre-season is just that...
Post by: Happy Axeman on September 18, 2016, 03:29:30 AM
what can i say? not a lot. Pep is the man.
Kolarov is the man that most city fans would of been happy to see go... but omg, it just goes to show what a decent manager can actually do.
Pellers was shit, and that is now confirmed.
1st thing pep saw, was that there was  a bit of clique... not any more, he broke that up big time.
Hart was overated, and he is gone... Nasri thought he was the bee's knees and is gone, Yaya will be really lucky to get another game this season...

I'm sat there in awe at the mo, ive not seen better football in my lifetime as a blue(over 35 years) and its only going to get better... I shudder at the thought :)
although we havent played anyone yet who has really given it a go, or is that because we just simply havent let them?