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Title: Getting back into it...
Post by: Happy Axeman on January 08, 2016, 05:40:35 PM
Been busy last couple days :)

Its been fun finding software to use, downloaded numerous free graphic packages and not one offered me everything i needed as i was used to Photoshop. So i ended up downloading the very old Photoshop cs2!! and its miles better than anything else thats free!
Wamp is local server to go for, and I'm using Netbeans IDE.I'm still not sure wether to move it all to another folder called main and start fresh but i'll carry on testing this one as it hasnt broken and seems fine! so Ive Updated the forum software, and added a portal, which i like a lot.

Using a simple Portal should help me manage everything easier, and the ability to create php pages within it means that i could possibly host my whole site within the forum... in time obviously, I'm getting ahead of myself. it all depends whether or not it will work with mysql queries, which i need to test.  :-X
on the forum home page There is a new shout box on the left side (when logged in)... i can move this(along with any other blocks I can create) or create other shout boxes and put them in various boards...

After taking me a good few hours, I finally managed to get the email function working so people can register! lol .... although they will probably have to check there junk folders to find the activate email. lol

fingers crossed my extensive anti bot measure seems to finaly be working, had no errors showing on my logs caused by spam bots... although there are some robots still hovering around... what the hell is google and baidu doing here all the time? do i really need them to index a post from like 10 years ago? lol

Anyway, this Post was really just to add something the Blog feature ive added, to see where i can go with it lol
So If your a former member, then have a warm Welcome back, if your new then Hello and Welcome.

Onwards and upwards  ;)
Title: Re: Getting back into it...
Post by: stevenryals on January 12, 2016, 03:00:43 PM
Title: Re: Getting back into it...
Post by: Happy Axeman on January 13, 2016, 04:25:25 PM
Ive removed the blog button feature for the blog for now, i think it may of being causing a few errors for tch. if it wasnt that, then its the portal i guess. lol