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get this on tapatalk!  lol 

Happy Axeman:
why would i want advertisements on here? lol


--- Quote from: Happy Axeman on January 20, 2016, 10:24:22 PM ---why would i want advertisements on here? lol

--- End quote ---

you already have advertisment on here
it's an easy, user friendly way to use the forum from mobile.
I use it on a few other forums and I don't see any advertisments

Happy Axeman:
never heard of it before lol

It is a mod i have to integrate into the forum, and i gotta sign up for something....

Will anyone else use it? lol

If possible Tapatalk would be great. 99.9% of my web browsing is done on mobile and it's pretty fiddly through Safari if it works at all tbh.

Think you need to instal a mod into your forums template to get it to work.

Much easier navigating forums via the Tapatalk app.


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