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I'm Back...LOL

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Happy Axeman:
Ok, I know i've said a few times now over the past few years, but this time i mean it haha

Ive been assembling all the tools required (free ones of course!) to start getting my head into it all again...

I still have a Problem with russian spam bots that clog up my error log, but at least they not getting through to spam the forum anymore. :)

I'm at a quandry as to wether to just start the forum from scratch again.... but i'm gonna test stuff out before i do...

Ive upgraded the forum software to the latest version, and added a portal to it, so it now has new front end view...
I'll be adding a blog extension of some kind soon too...

So I need peeps to post and help me rise the site from the ashes with me, so we can be back to talking shitand playing mafia games. lol

Bloody heck it's been a long time since I lurked the forums of the Happy Axeman!

Have popped by now and again over the many years but things always looked pretty quiet.

Good too see you giving it another bash buddy, will try to pop by more and say hello and drop a bunch of misspelled words and grammatical errors (all the iPhones fault of course)

Have many fond memories of this place right from playing Eve Online and our Online league, didn't we start with England International Soccer or something? Wtf! lol

Happy Axeman:
Eve online lmao had some right laughs on that. lol and yeah i think we did start with England International Soccer... I think that was mainly for Billyman haha... I wonder where my Favourite scouser is now lol

When i eventually turn my XBOX on, I usually see you playing Neverwinter Zulu, i only play that and fifa pro clubs lol

Yea, I've seen you playing a few times, should have known better than to get into another MMO but at this point I'm 2 end game level 70's and around 900 hours in :/ lol

Happy Axeman:
i stopped playing Neverwinter regulary just before the updates to lvl upto70... i got my Wizard lvl62 and my Rogue lvl64... i really need to join a guild to get me playing more lol


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