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Happy Axeman:
After a while of neglect, the spam bots had taken over Happyaxeman :(

I have now destroyed all traces of spam from the forums!  :bleh:

I'll start getting my head in gear again....

I'd love to have a game of Mafia! .... lol

would be nice..

think we need to install the tapatalk add on ...    nobody can survive these days without mobile access

Happy Axeman:
well it would appear the spam bots have failed to attack again :)

as for mobile template, that would cost me $20 lol since most phones are basicly tablets nowadays, is there really any need? lol

i'll spot the 20..   (and why are u spending dollars now lol)

Happy Axeman:
wow... you wont believe how much this site is attacked by spam bots... within a 24hour period, i have had 1224 request for registration, failed logins and failed authentication of email. :(


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