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Festive Holidays Over....

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Happy Axeman:

Ok So Christmas and the New Year celebrations have now been and gone...

Did you have a good one?  ;D

With this festive season being here, and with so many city matches to watch, there really has not been much development I'm afraid. :(

I have been working on a new City site though, just nothing I can show you as of yet... but once i get the initial system working, new features and stuff should appear more regularly. ;)

So this is an appeal for any City fan to send me some content... I really need season reviews from the last two seasons, player profiles of the players we currently have, and profiles on previous player like never before... ;)

nice one..

i'll try to find some time to help.. but i have too many jobs already LOL

Happy Axeman:
lol Have you managed to convince Shellina to change name to the Blue Shakes Band yet? lol

I'm currently having a bit of difficulty with the backend of the database system for the city site. :(
think I'll just get the index page up and running, upload it and then go from there. lol

whats the database problem you're having? 

Happy Axeman:
lol getting it all working!
gonna have to re-write some stuff... for example I want to input a match details, then it will update players, managers and every other stat available in my DB... I keep messing it up. lmao
I'm also not completly happy with the way my template loads... it still needs lots of work on it. ;)


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