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Neverwinter...Control Wizard
« on: June 29, 2016, 12:44:02 AM »
So i originaly started playing Neverwinter as a control wizard, was a slog, always dieing cause they are made of tissue paper. lol
then i found the pally, levelled up pretty quick, became my main, which allowed me to become VIP by finding things easy lol, then i got the dragonborn pack, made a GWF, very rapid to get through anything lol...

 anyways, i decided to respec my wizard again with the dragorn born free respec, Called him PuffTheMagicDragon. .. and he hasnt looked back since... I can now solo most things pretty rapidly without dying.

I only play my pally and GWF to do the weeklys and get gems from the mounts wanderers fortune glitch, which will usually give you all its daily quota after just 10mins on the dread ring. And the occasional skirmish or dungeon.

the Control Wizard is the most fun, but only when he is geared up past the 2500item level, and has all of the campaign boons.  :Merlin: