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the General Discussion Boards / Hello
« Last post by Mikeblue on October 19, 2017, 03:25:09 PM »
Whats occuring? Its been a while. Who is still around these days?
the General Discussion Boards / Brexit
« Last post by VORD on June 14, 2017, 04:30:33 AM »
Hello - not logged in for about 8 years. How is everyone doing and what are your thoughts on Brexit :D
Manchester City / Come on city last game
« Last post by Robbie Anelka on May 19, 2017, 04:13:30 PM »
Just need to beat watford to confirm 3rd place after a rather disappointing season.  Too much bravo kolarov n navas. Pep too stubborn to admit his mistakes. Roll on next season.

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Manchester City / Re: Happy Xmas all
« Last post by Happy Axeman on May 17, 2017, 03:58:27 PM »
lol Happy belated Xmas :)
I was involved in a dodgy accident and was in hospital for 2months over xmas... lol

I'm hoping to start get back into all this, and start streamlining and creating different things... lol
Manchester City / Happy Xmas all
« Last post by Robbie Anelka on December 24, 2016, 12:55:57 PM »
And happy new year. Hope win against hull n scousers.
Kolarov, navas clichy zaba need to take a step back. Other than that roll on new year onwards and upwards.

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Manchester City / I take it all back... pre-season is just that...
« Last post by Happy Axeman on September 18, 2016, 03:29:30 AM »
what can i say? not a lot. Pep is the man.
Kolarov is the man that most city fans would of been happy to see go... but omg, it just goes to show what a decent manager can actually do.
Pellers was shit, and that is now confirmed.
1st thing pep saw, was that there was  a bit of clique... not any more, he broke that up big time.
Hart was overated, and he is gone... Nasri thought he was the bee's knees and is gone, Yaya will be really lucky to get another game this season...

I'm sat there in awe at the mo, ive not seen better football in my lifetime as a blue(over 35 years) and its only going to get better... I shudder at the thought :)
although we havent played anyone yet who has really given it a go, or is that because we just simply havent let them?

Manchester City / Nolito Signs... and other stuff...
« Last post by Happy Axeman on July 02, 2016, 01:22:28 AM »
29yo spanish forward/winger Nolito has officially signed.

Along with Gundogen, thats 2 overseas players signed for the 1st team now, and room for only 1 after demi's contract has run out...

Zabba is currently mulling over a contract offer from roma, after we accepted a 2.5m bid,  the ball is still in zabba's court and could still stay, leaving a bit of a headache for the squads numbers... although i think its bye bye zabba.  :'(

so if Zabba goes, any other overseas player we sign, means one HAS to be sold, or left to rot.

A £50m John Stones bid is apparently imminent...he's english so doesnt alter things too much, but with Denayer at fault for two goals against wales, maybe he isnt the answer we all thought he was after all? ???

we have signed 25yo aussie Mooy from our sister club Melbourne City, but its likely that he have bought him for 'our club in spain' Gerona...

we have also signed highly rated 16yo swiss striker Lorenzo Gonzalez from Servette.

as much as i like him as a character, i don't think i will be happy until i read that Kolarov has gone or retired, and we have a new replacement. lol WHY ARE NO LEFT BACKS BEING LINKED?
Manchester City / where has football club gone?
« Last post by Happy Axeman on July 02, 2016, 01:04:57 AM »
FC was removed from the badge, and now we have a change to our websites domaim name from to a more global

I don't like it, just like the new badge, and the new kit... we do not look like Manchester City, we play in sky blue and white, not light blue and navy.

we are now officially a brand 1st and foremost, not a football club :(
XBOX One / Neverwinter...Control Wizard
« Last post by Happy Axeman on June 29, 2016, 12:44:02 AM »
So i originaly started playing Neverwinter as a control wizard, was a slog, always dieing cause they are made of tissue paper. lol
then i found the pally, levelled up pretty quick, became my main, which allowed me to become VIP by finding things easy lol, then i got the dragonborn pack, made a GWF, very rapid to get through anything lol...

 anyways, i decided to respec my wizard again with the dragorn born free respec, Called him PuffTheMagicDragon. .. and he hasnt looked back since... I can now solo most things pretty rapidly without dying.

I only play my pally and GWF to do the weeklys and get gems from the mounts wanderers fortune glitch, which will usually give you all its daily quota after just 10mins on the dread ring. And the occasional skirmish or dungeon.

the Control Wizard is the most fun, but only when he is geared up past the 2500item level, and has all of the campaign boons.  :Merlin:

Manchester City / Feeling underwhelmed...
« Last post by Happy Axeman on June 29, 2016, 12:13:37 AM »
Ok great, we have what people say is the greatest Coach/manager in the world...

But im currently feeling as though this seasons activity in the transfer market could be same old...

So far we have signed injury prone and currently injured german midfielder Ilkay Gundogen. top player, but wont be available till end of august,and did i mention he is injury prone?  :-X

there was huge talk of Aubameyang coming, but we refused to meet the £65m fee...
so we have settled for a 29 year old spanish left winger cause he has a release clause of just 14m??? he looked awful in the match against Italy.  :-X So sterling gets a vote of confidence from pep, then signs a player for his position? ???

Apparently John Stones is our top target, and will be our next signing now englands players have returned... to make way for this overpriced english mistake prone central defender which we already have a few of, we are in advanced talks to sell our blue bloodied right back Zabaleta to roma for just 2.5m?  :'(

we have signed Benjamin Garre, a 15yo kid from Argentina, which your not allowed to do until they are 18... and apparently his team Velez Sarsfeld are not happy about it either...
also some reports that a 19year old Colombian winger for £8m could be done next week, Marlos Moreno...although other teams are interested, and he will probably be sent on loan to spain...

there is virtually no news on any other player leaving. Yaya's agent is saying he will see out the last year of his contract, no one wants Bony, Porto want Mangala back for only 10m....

I cannot understand it. a LEFT BECK SHOULD BE OUR NO.1 Priority, Lots of problems caused to the Central defenders was a direct result of a lack of defending from the left! and yet nothing seems to be getting done about it...

and to top it all off, despite us having a new badge which was supposed to be retro...but the more i see it on a shirt it looks old and crap, the old one was miles better, thats if the leaked pictures of our new kit are correct, then we will not be playing in our traditional sky blue and white, but in a off light blue and murky dark blue sleeves kit... NewYork city will look more like man city than we do. Nike is shite, they just use one template and regurgitate the same crap but with different colours, completely lacking imagination, and this will probably be the 3rd successive season i have not bought a shirt.  :-\
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