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Happy Axeman:
Yesterday i found out my Dog(Bella Boo) of only 6 months of age, has an allergy to spraying air freshener  :-\
Her farts stink! :shit: but her face swelled up that bad she looked like she had done 10 rounds with a heavy weight boxer, she looked better  in the morning as the lumps had gone from her eyes and head, but her jaw was very swollen and was transferring to her throat, she also had hives all over her body...

Needless to say a Visit to the vets was in order. £40 lighter and 24hours later she is fine again.  8)

Never had a dog that had an allergic reaction to anything before, I got a right one here, She's bonkers. dreading her having to wear a bucket on her head for 10 days after she goes to have her bits dismantled.  :-X


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